Reflections from taking the EPiServer (CMS 6) Certified Developer exam

I passed the exam earlier today and thought I should share some reflections. The test wasn't really that difficult but it was very broad. On top of actual questions regarding programming it ranged from the product as such (almost bordering on sales talk at times) to configuring and licensing.

There are 69 questions to complete over 120 minutes but a kind of progressmetery looking thing at the bottom of the screen shows questions 1 through 58 and has a tiny arrow for showing the last 11 questions. I took my time reading and thinking about each question and when I realized there were more than 58 questions I had to hurry up a little bit at the end. Also, it is not possible to go back and change your answer once you have answered a question, nor can you skip ahead and leave a question for later. The reason, I'm guessing, is probably that the answers to one question might be in the setup code for another question.

For me who haven't really been using OnlineCenter, PageObjects or Page providers in live projects it was nessecary to rely on reading up on subjects like those and use the process of elimination, logic and some guessing during the exam. Among the questions that were chosen for me under the subject of Advanced Concepts I felt there was many questions about custom page providers for which I probably wasn't completely prepared for.

In the end it turned out alright and now I just await my signed diploma to be sent from EpiServer.


  1. hi is it possible share the questions

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